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"Your service man did a wonderful job!" Thank You
"Thank you for your patience, you are the best! We had such a problem here with that leak and it took me a little while to get back on my feet. Thank You again!"
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Oil), Skies are blue. There's a land where people are kind and treat you good too! Thank You All!! "
- Maria
"In the early morning hours of November 30, our furnace stopped. We were scheduled for a cleaning that day. Your technician, Troy, cleaned the furnace and, unfortunately, needed to return 4 times the next day as the furnace would not come on automatically.

I must commend Troy for his perseverance and pleasantness. He never lost his patience and was determined to find the source of the problem, which he did. My sincerest thanks for the service we received."
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"As you are aware, we recently had to discontinue oil service at my home due to a house fire. You called me to offer your condolences and assistance. I can't tell you how much that phone call that meant to me.

It came at a time when I was really down in the dumps and the call really helped lift my spirits and renew my faith in people. Though I know your call came from the heart and really had nothing to do with business, we will of course keep your company, and is the main reason why we used your company for the last 6 years. Again, thank you, you are a wonderful person!"
"This letter is to serve as a reference for Rainbow Oil and their commitment to excellence in customer service. Rainbow Oil has been the fuel supplier for the Community Action Partnership (CAP) Fuel Survivors Club, a fuel buyers' co-op for low income families for the past 3 years.

Rainbow Oil is a responsible company, providing timely deliveries to the members in the club, available when an emergency delivery is needed, and always willing to assist CAP client Advocates in their efforts to meet the customers' needs.

As a point in fact, 3 years ago when CAP was soliciting bids for a fuel supplier, Rainbow Oil was the only area fuel supplier that was willing to work with CAP in support of the Fuel Suppliers Club. Rainbow Oil has shown their compassion and commitment to low income and elderly households in Dutchess County, as they are desperately in-need and unable to afford large heating bills."
Thank You,

-Community Action Partnership, Community Director
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