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Rainbow Oil

Oil Services in Hyde Park, NY

Fuel Delivery

Contact our oil company for an initial consultation to discuss market rates and your fuel requirements, so that we can come up with an agreeable contract. With automatic delivery, you no longer have to worry about running out of fuel or being overcharged for unneeded purchases. At Rainbow Oil, we carry a variety of fuels including:
• Fuel Oil
• Kerosene
• Diesel

Budget Plans

Rainbow Oil calculates gallons and prices, to come up with the most accurate contract-term, combined with your financial abilities. Call us now for locked-in pricing.

Tank Replacement

Avoid costly leaks and DEC involvement by having your tank replaced as it ages. We have a variety of tanks to suit your needs.

Tank Abandonment

Proper tank abandonment procedures are crucial in order to meet local and state guidelines. Rainbow Oil is highly skilled at performing proper tank abandonment, including our ability to provide a certificate for local and state law.
Contact us for more information about fuel delivery and tank replacement services.
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